Driving School FAQ’s

1.) Is it possible to register for a class online?

YES, Online registration can be found under the "Online Registration" Tab at the top of this page. Click Online Registration and follow the registration instructions to register for a class.

2.) If a class is missed, can it be made up?

YES, Maine State Law requires that the student make-up the exact class they missed during the next scheduled course.

Hampden Driving School


Hampden Driving School

Helping our community become a safer place to live by making your teenager’s safe driving habits our # 1 CONCERN.

Hampden Academy
PO Box 174
Hampden, ME 04444

About Us

Why consider Hampden Driving School over other area driving schools?

  • Hampden Driving School’s course instructor is a current full-time law enforcement officer with 16 years of experience. We have a vested interest in the safe driving habits of your teenager and consequently understand that the knowledge and fundamental driving skills learned at any driver education school will be the foundation from which your teenager becomes a safe or unsafe driver.
  • Hampden Driving School conducts background investigations on all of their employees and only hires professional men and women.
  • Hampden Driving School is committed to one on one driving instruction. Students will complete their driving time one on one with the instructor. No other students will be in the vehicle with them allowing them to focus on their driving.
  • Permits are issued to the student upon completion of the course.
  • Convenient payment plans

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